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Why Is It Called Sock It To Me Cake

The Most Popular Cake The Year You Were Born
The most popular cake the year you were born. Some cakes were popular for decades, some were popular for only a year or two, but at one time, they were on everyone's table.
Sock It To Me CakeSock It To Me CakeSouthern Sock It To Me Cake
Southern Sock It To Me Cake . Not sure what a Sock It To Me cake? This southern classic is made with all natural ingredients for a delicious and sweet treat you can't resist!
Sock. Add a mixture of cinnamon, sugar and brown sugar to yellow cake mix for an easy-to-make Bundt cake that will have your guests asking for the recipe.
Sock It To Me CakeSock It To Me Cake
Sock It To Me Cake .   1 pk Duncan Hines Butter cake mix 3/4 c Oil 1/2 c Sugar 1 ts Vanilla 4 x Eggs (one at a time) 1/2 c Sour cream 1 c Nuts, chopped 1 ts Cinnamon 2 ts

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