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Owb Kydex Pancake Holster

Owb Kydex Holsters (pancake Style)
OWB Kydex Holsters (Pancake style) .
Pancake Holster
Pancake Holster. Our Pancake holster is intended for those that want a small profile in an OWB Pancake. Rides close to the body for better concealment.
Amazon Com  Springfield Armory Xds 3 3 Owb Kydex Pancake Gun
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Partriot . Potentially the most versatile holster available on the market. Convertible from outside the waistband (OWB) to inside the waistband (IWB) by flipping the clips to the opposite side of the holster or installing the new injection molded holster wings. Wear OWB when open carrying, concealed under a jacket, or during a trip to the range. Quickly change to IWB for a slim, comfortable, concealed solution. New holster wings provide additional security as the holster cannot be pulled from the belt and pull the holster closer to the body for increased concealment and comfort.As with all Ultimate Concealed Holsters from PDS, these are made with premium durable .080 thickness Kydex and top quality corrosion resistant hardware. All pancake holsters are featured with adjustable retention for fine tuning a smooth draw.All UCC Patriot holsters come standard with injection molded overhooks.All holsters are custom made when ordered and will ship within 10 business days (Monday-Friday). Each holster is custom made in the USA.
Ares Tactical » Paddle Holster
Ares Tactical » Paddle Holster.
Quick Ship Custom Holster
Quick Ship Custom Holster . Outside The Waistband Custom Kydex Paddle Holster - Custom Kydex for your concealed carry

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