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Hot Cocoa Mug Cake

Make Your Own  Hot Cocoa Mug Cake
Make Your Own: Hot Cocoa Mug Cake. We're obsessing over all things hot cocoa this season, y'all!  With our Too Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows flavor to enjoy by the scoop or by the pint at
Hot Chocolate Mug Cake
Hot Chocolate Mug Cake .
Mug Of Hot Cocoa Cake
Mug of Hot Cocoa cake . Inspired by many cakes on Cake Central. I loved making this cake! Red velvet with white chocolate cream cheese filling. Mmmm.
Best Mug Cake Recipes
Best Mug Cake Recipes . Mug cakes really do hit the sweet spot: They’re just the right size and require just the right amount of effort (which is almost none!) when you want a treat on the quick. Making a whole cake is best saved for special occasions when you need to impress—and you can be sure there’ll be plenty of people on hand to help you eat it. For true cake lovers, though, those occasions might be too few and far between to be satisfying. So when the craving strikes for a fluffy, warm and indulgent treat, turn to a mug, your microwave and these foolproof recipes!
Hot Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe
Hot Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe .
Hot Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe
Hot Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe. Inspired by the classic winter drink, each spoonful of this hot cocoa mug cake has the perfect bite of chocolate chips and marshmallows.

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