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Batman Superman Cake

Superman & Batman Birthday Cake
Superman & Batman Birthday Cake . Birthday cakes for my friend’s sons who turned 5 and 2. One was a fan of Batman and the other a Superman fan so this cake made both boys happy. Fondant decorations and superheroes made of gumpaste.
Superman Spiderman And Batman
Superman Spiderman and Batman . Something simple but cute for the 3rd birthday of Alex :)
1764) Superman
(1764) Superman .
Batman,superman,spiderman Split Cake
Batman,Superman,Spiderman Split Cake . 10" cake with these three characters sharing the cake top. Feeds 30 Price based on vanilla sponge
Batman Superman
Batman Superman. Our Batman Superman Inspired cake is ideal for almost any occasion. We've created this cake for birthdays, grooms cakes, and more! This buttercream iced cake features fondant belts for both super heroes as well as their trusty capes. The logos are purchased from Cinotti's verified vendor and will not be altered.

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