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Almond Coffee Cake

Peach. Here’s a peach-almond coffee cake that can be made ready in 40 minutes. This crunchy delight can be served at breakfast or as a snack!
Almond Coffee Cake
Almond Coffee Cake . Take care of the fuss of this Almond Coffee Cake with a surprise ingredient. You don't need mad baking skills to make this scrumptious Almond Coffee Cake!
Ginger & Marcona Almond Coffee Cake
Ginger & Marcona Almond Coffee Cake .
Orange Almond Coffee Cake Recipe
Orange Almond Coffee Cake Recipe . Sandra Lee shares a recipe. Be seduced with a rich, moist coffee cake topped with a combo of cream cheese and orange marmalade.
Cream Cheese And Almond Coffee Cake
Cream Cheese and Almond Coffee Cake . A yeast-risen coffee cake with a sweet almond and cream cheese filling.
Sweet Orange And Toasted Almond Coffee Cake Recipe
Sweet Orange and Toasted Almond Coffee Cake Recipe . Double up on orange and almond to create a tasty coffee cake.
Coffee Almond Cake » Leelalicious
Coffee Almond Cake » LeelaLicious. You will love this Coffee Almond Cake that you can make with a delicious frosting to enjoy any time, especially with a refreshing beverage!
Almond Coffee Cake Recipe
Almond Coffee Cake Recipe . Enjoy the taste of almond in this coffee cake topped with berries - perfect for a wonderful breakfast

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